Wear Resistance SPC Flooring

Embossed surface texture
0.3MM Polyurethane wear layer
UV coating on top
Easy to install and maintain
Won’t become brittle or crack
Virtually odourless non-toxic and lead-free

Product Details

Wear Resistance SPC Flooring

Wear Resistance SPC Flooring, also called Rigid Core Flooring, its features maximum durability and award-winning  design for luxury flooring at its toughest and most beautiful — a perfect combination for active, style savvy homes.

Product Dimensions

7'' x 48'' x 4/ 0.3 MM

1220 x 178 x 4/ 0.3 MM

Wear layer




Item model number

NB-oak series


Wood texture




SPC (Stone Plastic Composite)

Click system

Unilin click system

Underlayment Attached

IXPE available


100% waterproof

B1 Class Fireproof



Won't be expand or contract


Install on all levels

Planks per box


Coverage per box

32.05 square feet

2.97675 square meters



Residential warranty

25 years

Commercial warranty

15 years

Wear Resistance SPC Flooring

Wear Resistance SPC Flooring

Wear Resistance SPC Flooring

Wear Resistance SPC Flooring

Wear Resistance SPC Flooring

Wear Resistance SPC Flooring

Wear Resistance SPC Flooring

Wear Resistance SPC Flooring

Main Differences between SPC and WPC Vinyl Floors

Besides the materials used to create the core of this flooring style, these are the key differences between WPC  vinyl flooring and SPC vinyl flooring:

◢ Thickness: WPC floors have a thicker core than SPC floors. Plank thickness for WPC floors is generally about  5.5 to 8 millimeters, while SPC floors are usually between 3.2 and 7 millimeters thick.

◢ Foot Feel: When it comes to how the flooring feels underfoot, WPC vinyl has the advantage. Because it has  a thicker core compared to SPC flooring, it feels more stable and cushioned when walking on it. That thickness also helps to provide insulation to keep the floors warmer.

◢ Sound Insulation: The thicker core of WPC floors also makes them superior when it comes to sound insulation.  The thickness helps to absorb the sound, so it’s quieter when walking on these floors.

◢ Durability: You might think that WPC flooring would offer improved durability since it is thicker than SPC  flooring, but the opposite is actually true. SPC floors may not be as thick, but they are considerably denser than WPC floors. This makes them better at resisting damage from impacts or heavy weights.

◢ Stability: WPC floors and SPC floors can both be installed in any room with moisture exposure and temperature  fluctuations. But when it comes to extreme temperature changes, SPC flooring tends to offer superior performance. The denser core of SPC floors makes them even more resistant to expanding and contracting than WPC floors.

◢ Price: SPC floors are more affordable than WPC floors. However, don’t pick your floors based on price alone.  Be sure to consider all the potential benefits and drawbacks between these two flooring options before choosing one.

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