Why Is The Floor Expensive?
- Jun 22, 2018 -

There are such owners who are greedy when they buy flooring. They see that some floor styles are similar. Then they choose cheaper ones. When their homes are completely renovated, they have a variety of problems and then they panic. .

Find a variety of ways to remedy, this is not only a waste of time, more is that some bad floor even harm your health! What are the hidden dangers of buying a bad floor?

01. Common conditions of poor floor

To buy floors that are too cheap, first of all, there may be problems with quality and various parameters that are not up to the standard. Second, you may also encounter these:

The smell of formaldehyde is particularly heavy on cloudy days. It is very cumbersome to take care of it. It is not easy to clean, it is easy to crack, it is arched, etc.

When installed, it is easy to miss and affect the appearance.

02. Why is the floor expensive?

Good floor production process, high cost

The floor needs to be made of wood raw materials, through dozens of equipments, through dozens of demanding processes. The cost of a good floor is higher, so it is more expensive! Good floor inspection standards are strict. Eliminating unqualified manufacturers pursuing the design of the floor itself, on the one hand, on the design of colors, on the raw materials, on the paints, and on the safety, all have been made as a whole.

A good floor is not only a product, but also a good service floor is not only expensive in itself, but also has a series of added values, of which the service has a large proportion. You also enjoy our late-stage protection services while you purchase our products.

A good floor also requires a formal floor shop, which requires labor costs, requires management costs, requires rent, and requires warehouses and logistics.


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