What Standard Wooden Floor Is Suitable For Geothermal Environment?
- Jun 22, 2018 -

It is known that not all floors are suitable for geothermal environments.

So what standard floor is suitable for geothermal environment?

Mainly to see the specific technical parameters, such as environmental protection, thermal conductivity, heat resistance, stability and so on.

Formaldehyde: The higher the temperature is, the easier it is for formaldehyde to be released. A good wood floor requires that the amount of formaldehyde released does not exceed the standard under long-term heating conditions. In the choice of floor heating, we must choose the floor with low formaldehyde content as possible, because the higher the temperature, the more formaldehyde emission, the specific standards can choose domestic E0 level.

Or European standard E1 level, formaldehyde emission ≤ 0.5mg/L.

Stability: In fact, the stability is the most important in all sides. Before there were many owners who responded to the home shop's solid wood flooring, it took two years to crack. In fact, one of the main reasons is the nature of the floor itself, and the other is the control of indoor temperature and humidity.

From the floor itself, the stability is divided into material, structure and lock.

The material is the quality of the base material selected for the floor. The base material is finely grounded. The main ones are spruce and Pinus sylvestris. The structure mainly consists of the surface plate, the substrate, and the bottom plate. The quality of the three materials affects the floor. Stability, in the aspect of the lock, for the flat buckle floor, the stability is worse than the lock floor, the main lock has 5G lock, step double lock and so on.

Mats: Under geothermal environment, the requirements for floor mats are also very high. Commonly used aluminum film mats are not recommended, and they all have defects in heat conduction and heat dissipation.

Thickness: The thickness of the floor will affect the thermal conductivity. It is recommended that the thickness of the reinforced floor be 7-8mm thick, and that the solid wood composite floor be 11mm-15mm thick. It is not recommended to use solid wood floors in geothermal environments.

Everybody must pay attention to, especially in winter, must adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, avoid being too dry, not only have an effect on the health, also have a great influence on the use of the floor.


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