Renovation Wants To Spend Less
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Nowadays, many designers advocate the decoration mode of “predetermined furniture floor decoration”.

This means that before the start of work, the style, color, size, and price of the furniture and floor should be set first, and then other designs should be made according to the furniture and the floor. What are the benefits of doing so?

Xiao Bian introduces you one by one.

Benefit 1: Reduce unnecessary expenses

Selecting the floor first is an effective way to control the decoration costs.

Those who have done renovations know that the final style of decoration is basically beyond the original budget, because during the renovation process, there are often some unpredictable additions.

There will also be some cases of missing or a few square, and the consumption of materials will naturally be more, and the construction period will not increase, but also save money.

The first choice of floor furniture, in fact, the basic pattern can be determined, the rest will only need to give the basic engineering to the workers to do, it will avoid producing many unnecessary additions.

There are also many people who spent too much time in the decoration. They found that when they bought the floor, they found that they were shy in the bag and could only buy some cheap ones that did not fit in with the decoration style. This made the overall home feel very uncoordinated.Two benefits: help to accurately grasp the style

Most “quasi-decorated families” don’t actually have much experience in fitting or designing ideas. Many people only learned some basic knowledge from newspapers, the internet, or other people’s homes. When communicating with designers, they only took the floor plan. This results in the designer not being able to understand your preferences well, but continuing their own original design styles. Some even apply the original plan directly to the decoration.

In the selection of floor furniture and other re-election designers is not the same, you can take the designer to first look at the Italian floor furniture, and tell him the size, so that designers can use the floor furniture to specifically understand your favorite style , will also integrate the product into his design, so that the entire home style unity.

Designers can also make some structural changes based on the size of the furniture, so that there will be no room for some floor furniture in order to meet the design style.


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