How To Clean The Stone Floor
- Jun 22, 2018 -

It is very simple to clean the stone floor properly. Whether your floor is marble, slate, granite, travertine or terrazzo, basic daily cleaning is important. The stone floor can add beauty and elegance to the home, and proper cleaning care can keep it lasting and beautiful.

Required tools: dust mop, wet mop

Step one: Dust regularly on the stone floor, if possible once a day. The frequency of dust removal is determined according to the flow of people.

Step 2: Wash the floor with a wet mop, if necessary, using stone soap. You can also only clean with water.

Step 3: Repolish the stone floor every two or three years, or ask an expert to polish it. When you realize that the stone floor has started to fade, it needs to be re-polished.

Step 4: In the event of an overflow, remove it immediately.

Step 5: Repair the depth scratches on the stone floor. It is best to ask the experts to repair it.


1. If there is no stone soap, use neutral soap instead.

2, dust mop and wet mop is best to use separately, do not use in other places.

3. Prevent sand and dust from entering the stone floor. They will scratch and damage the floor.

4. Do not use vinegar, chemical cleaners, or waxing on stone floors.

5. If the gloss on the stone floor becomes dull, there is only one way to fix it. That is to re-grind.


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