How To Choose The Size Of Wood Flooring
- Jun 22, 2018 -

In life, we can see wood floorings everywhere, but we don't know much about floorings. 

For example, what are the common specifications of floorings?

This estimate is not very clear to many people. Let's learn about it together.

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Solid wood flooring specifications

The standard thickness of solid wood flooring is 18mm, and there are also popular in the market with thickness 22mm.

In general, the thickness and stability of solid wood flooring are directly proportional, that is, to a certain extent, the thicker the solid wood flooring, the better the stability and the more comfortable foot feeling.

The length of the solid wood floor is between 400-1200mm, the width is between 60-125mm, its standard board specification is 90*900*18mm, and the wide board specification is 120*900*18mm.

The popular wood species in the market are Oak, Teak, Walmut, Maple, Elm with the competitive price and large market share.

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