For These 6 Points, Let You Fall In Love With Wooden Floors!
- Jun 22, 2018 -

There are many benefits to the floor. Today we will come together to learn about the top ten benefits of underwood flooring and make you fall in love with wooden floors.

1. Beautiful and natural - The wood is natural, and its rings and textures can often form a beautiful picture, giving people a feeling of returning to nature and returning to the natural. No matter whether the texture is unique or not, it is widely loved by people.

2. Non-contaminating materials - wooden floor wood is the most typical double green product, there is no source of pollution itself, and some wood has aromatic cesium, which gives a healthy, soothing aroma; its epigenetic absorption is easily absorbed by the soil. Organic fertilizer.

3. Light and strong - Generally wood is usually floating on the water, with a few exceptions.

In this way, using wood as a building material is easier to transport and lay than metal building materials and stone materials. According to experimental results, the tensile strength of pine wood is 3 times that of steel, 25 times that of concrete, 50 times that of Dali, and 4 times that of marble. .

Especially as a floor material (wood floor) can better reflect its advantages.

4. Easy to process - wood can be sawed, planed, cut, cut, and even nailed, so it can be used more flexibly in building materials, to play its potential role, and metal concrete, stone and other due to hardness, there is no such function, so The use of materials also causes waste or unrealistic situations.

5 good insulation - wood is not easy to heat, the thermal conductivity of concrete is very high. The thermal conductivity of steel is 200 times that of wood.

6. Adjust the temperature - the wood can absorb moisture and evaporate. The optimum humidity of the human body in the atmosphere is between 60% and 70%. The characteristics of the wood's characteristics can maintain the humidity within the comfortable humidity of human beings.


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