CHINA WEST FLOOR EXPO 2018 Will Be Held In Chengdu In November
- Aug 22, 2018 -

CHINA WEST FLOOR EXPO 2018 will be held in Chengdu in November

CHINA WEST FLOOR EXPO 2018, hosted by China Forestry Industry Association and Sichuan Forestry Industry Association, and CHINA WEST FLOOR EXPO 2018 will be held on November 28-30, 2018. Chengdu·West China International Expo City was held.


Exhibition time: November 28-30, 2018 Time: West China International Expo City

〓 Organization 〓

Organizer: China Forestry Industry Association Sichuan Forestry Industry Federation

Organizer: Yusheng Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

〓 Exhibition introduction〓

In order to implement the “One Belt and One Road” development strategy, we will promote the exchange and cooperation between China's flooring and international related industries in the field of technology, and build a new trading platform jointly sponsored by China Forestry Industry Association and Sichuan Forestry Industry Association. The 2018 China Western Forestry Industry Expo--2018 China Western Flooring Exhibition will be held in Chengdu·West China International Expo City on November 28-30, 2018. The exhibition was awarded by the State Forestry Administration and China Forestry. Industry Federation, Sichuan Forestry Department, Guizhou Provincial Forestry Industry Association, Guangxi Forestry Industry Association, Linyi Forestry Industry Association, China Forestry Industry Association, special committees and branches, and many other media will support and support the media. Exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions showcase their latest technology and equipment to explore cutting-edge trends and market dynamics.

The investment promotion of CWFE2018 has been fully launched. We sincerely invite professionals from all walks of life in wood flooring to participate and participate in the exhibition, and contribute to the progress of the flooring industry. We look forward to meeting you at CWFE 2018!

Exhibition promotion and promotion 〓

CWFE 2018 will use all-round and multi-angle publicity channels such as online and offline, exhibitor professional audience interaction, etc. In addition to traditional propaganda methods, it will use updated media and new forms of in-depth publicity to ensure the quality of professional buyers, and exhibitors will achieve trade cooperation and Brand promotion is a win-win situation.

1. Spreadtrum Push: Direct mail, SMS, mail, exhibition customized H5, exhibitor custom H5;

Second, the new media platform promotion: WeChat subscription number, service number, Weibo, LBS precision delivery (AD7), DSP big data accurate delivery (dual-end delivery), Baidu SEM, 360SEM, Baidu, Ali, Tencent network advertising precision advertising Delivery

Third, media communication: 500+ industry network media cooperation, 100+ industry professional publications, 300+ professional public media, 20+ public newspapers and television stations;

Fourth, mass media propaganda: such as "Huaxi Dushi Bao", "Chengdu Business Daily", "Chengdu Evening News", "Chongqing Business Daily", "Chongqing Morning News", "Guizhou Metropolis Daily", "Yunnan Daily" and provincial and municipal TV stations for advertising cooperation and exhibition news reports ;

Why exhibit 〓

Connecting the market · Boosting industry · Cooperative innovation · Common development

◆ Meet with your customers directly to understand the development needs of the floor, expand sales, and provide customized services for the company;

◆ Develop new business partners, complement each other, exchange information, and jointly develop and expand the project market;

◆ Display new products and technologies, build brand image and expand market influence of enterprises and products;

◆ Share buyer resources and develop professional buyers with the activities held during the same period;

◆ Participate in high-end forums, professional technical seminars, understand the development trend of the floor and technical hotspots, promote enterprise reform and innovation, and help transform and upgrade;

◆ Provide professional media interviews and comprehensive promotion services to enhance corporate visibility and deepen potential customers for you;

◆ Through the exhibition and investment and financing institutions to contact and exchange, create financing opportunities for enterprises, and solve the financial problems of enterprise development;

〓 Exhibition scope 〓

◆Solid wood floor: UV paint solid wood floor, PU paint solid wood floor, plain board, antique solid wood floor, brushed solid wood floor, parquet floor, other

◆Solid wood composite floor: multi-layer solid wood composite floor, three-layer solid wood composite floor, medium-density solid wood composite floor, high-density solid wood composite floor, antique solid wood composite floor, brushed solid wood, composite floor, other

◆Strengthen flooring: conventional laminate flooring, chamfered laminate flooring, tile laminate flooring, embossed laminate flooring, silent laminate flooring, other

◆ cork flooring: cork flooring, other

◆Bamboo floor: bamboo board, bamboo and wood composite floor, heavy bamboo floor, other

◆ Geothermal floor: geothermal floor, other

◆Microcrystalline wood floor: microcrystalline wood floor, other

◆Floor technology, equipment and materials: various flooring production technology, surface treatment technology, floor manufacturing equipment, wood floor filler, subfloor/subfloor materials, environmentally friendly wood/bamboo flooring materials, borders, raw materials, imported wood flooring, others


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