Fireproof 5mm Click System Luxury Vinyl Planks

100% Waterproof and B1 fireproof
Diamond-Hard Durability Luxury Vinyl Planks
25 year residential warranty
Fast & Easy installation

Product Details

Fireproof 5mm Click System Luxury Planks

What is SPC core Luxury vinyl flooring?
SPC(Solid Vinyl Composite) refers to the natural stone and eco-friendly vinyl stone plastic composite, structure gets more durable, stable, and the surface can be variable.

Expansion and contraction ratio

Product Description:

NameLuxury Vinyl Planks flooring (SPC flooring, PVC flooring, LVT flooring)
Colour202-7# or as your samples
Board thickness3.5mm, 4.0mm,5.0mm or customized
Wear layer thickness0.3mm, 0.5mm as regular
Surface TextureUV coating on surface
FinishMatt, Embossed
InstallationUnilin Click system, Loose lay
Lead time1 Month
(Or Customized)7" × 48"178 × 1210


Testament typeLVTWPCSPC
Flexibility OkNot good Not good
HardnessNot goodOkOk
StabilityOkNot good Excellent
Expansion ≥10mm≥10mm≥5mm
Scratch resistanceOkOkExcellent
Stain resistanceOkOkOk


Simple steps to clean flooring:

It's are easy to clean and offer additional stain resistance. Both of these finishes are made of polyurethane, but used nanobead technology for additional protection. Whichever finish your floor features, following these simple cleaning tips will help keep your flooring looking great:


Sweep your floors regularly to remove loose dirt and grit.

Wipe up any spills as soon as possible.

Clean your floors using Cleaner. Simply spray the cleaner on the floor and use a dry mop.

For spills, use Cleaner and wipe clean with a dry white cloth. No rinsing necessary!


Use harsh chemicals.

Use steam.

Use a vacuum with a beater bar or brush.

What’s simpler than that? Resilient vinyl flooring is a great solution for the busy lifestyle that so many of us live today. This is a product that with just a few minutes per day will stay clean and remain looking as good as it did the day it was installed.

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