8MM Grey Laminate Wood Flooring

More durable, Resists stains, easier to install
It can be installed over an existing floor
Easy DIY project
Underlayment is required
25 year residential warranty
Multi-Width Planks

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Product Details

8MM grey laminate wood flooring

This floor uses a 3in1 plank style, with the photographic layer depicting differences in the widths within each plank. The planks are the same size in reality so you need not worry about installation, but the 3 depicted within each plank differ for a random and authentic look. They also differ in shade, but not so much that the floor looks too mismatched - they are all relatively dark to keep a warm and elegant look.

Product Dimensions

7.7’’ x 48’’ x 8/12 MM
1210 x 195 x 8/12 MM

Item model number

NB-Q6 series


Pattern Oak three in one


HDF (high density fiberboard)



AC Rating

AC4, Class 32, 38g

Plank Visual

Single Strip Plank

Edge Profile

Pressed Bevel

Installation Methods

Floating installation with easy lock system

Underlayment necessary



durable, abrasion Resistance, Water & Scratch Resistant

Planks per box


Coverage per box

27.20 square feet
2.52 square meters



Residential warranty

25 years




1. How do laminate floor panels lock together?

There are many types of edge joining systems used to connect laminate flooring panels together. Some laminate flooring connections snap together by hand while others require a light tap with a mallet and a tapping block. Still others use a combination of a “snap” click edge and a “bang” or “tap” click at the end of the panels. While most of the various systems work well to secure your laminate floor, it is important to read your laminate flooring installation instructions carefully. Familiarize yourself with how your flooring locks together before starting your installation.

2. Is laminate flooring scratch resistant?

The surface on top of laminate flooring products are extremely hardwearing and scratch resistant, so you needn’t worry about pets for example damaging the surface..

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