12mm Waterproof Laminate Flooring

7.7’’ x 48’’/ 1220 x 196 x 12 MM plank size
20 year wear warranty
Durable and waterproof
4 U-Groove
Elm texture

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Product Details

12mm waterproof Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is scratch-resistant because it's made of a composite material similar to plastic. In addition, it won't damage like regular hardwood, so it'll last for decades.

Product Dimensions

7.7’’ x 48’’ x 12 MM
1220 x 196 x 12 MM

Item model number

NB-H series

Surface treatment

Elm series High glossy in wood texture


HDF (high density fiberboard)



AC Rating

AC3, Class 31, 32g

Edge Profile

Pressed micro Bevel

Installation Methods

Floating installation with easy lock system

Underlayment necessary



durable, abrasion Resistance, Water & Scratch Resistant

Planks per box


Coverage per box

30.93 square feet
2.87 square meters



Residential warranty

25 years


Because the laminate flooring clicks and locks together, it's simple to install.
For a smaller room, use a lighter-colored flooring to make the space feel warmer and much larger.
Always buy more flooring than needed in case you make some bad cuts.
Laminate flooring can be installed directly over existing flooring.


1. Will there be any cutting waste?

In an average installation, approximately 7% to 10% of the total area to be covered will be wasted for several reasons, typically cuts, planks damaged during installation, or errors.

2. How do I choose the right moldings?

Here is a brief guide to moldings and their best uses for a laminate flooring project. 


3. How should I install moldings?

You can glue or nail moldings to the wall only, never to the floor.

4. What is a floating floor?

A floating floor is a floor built with all its parts attached to each other but with none of these component parts fixed to the supporting floor. Virtually all laminate floors install as floating floors.

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