12mm Laminate Wood Flooring

Angle/Fold glueless locking system for a simple, easy to install product
Woodgrain texture
Four sided micro U-groove to better resemble real hardwood flooring
Can be installed on all grades
12mm Laminate Wood Flooring

Product Details

12mm laminate wood flooring

This product has bevelled edges, meaning the product replicates the the look of a solid wood floor seamlessly. A bevelled edge refers to the slight curve of the edges on the plank that help to create that authentic look.

  • No more fake looks.

  • Looks are traditional, rustic, distressed and exotic.

  • Grains and texture more realistic than ever.

  • Number of photographs or screens determine quality.

  • Lighter colors make small rooms look larger.

  • Dark colors create intimate settings.

  • Choose coordinating or contrasts with cabinets or furniture.

  • No matching colors and styles, be creative.

Product Dimensions

7’’ x 48’’ x 12 MM
1222 x 172 x 12 MM

Item model number

NB-M series

Surface treatment

High glossy in wood texture


HDF (high density fiberboard)



AC Rating

AC3, Class 31, 32g

Plank Visual

Single Strip Plank

Edge Profile

Pressed micro Bevel

Installation Methods

Floating installation with easy lock system

Underlayment necessary



durable, abrasion Resistance, Water & Scratch Resistant

Planks per box


Coverage per box

27.20 square feet
2.52 square meters



Residential warranty

25 years

12mm Laminate Wood Flooring

12mm Laminate Wood Flooring

12mm Laminate Wood Flooring

12mm Laminate Wood Flooring

12mm Laminate Wood Flooring

Benefits and features of laminate floors:
Scratch Resistance
You can walk on laminate flooring without fear of scratching. While the floor is not scratch proof, neither high heels nor office chairs on wheels are a problem. It is recommended to put felt pads or plastic caps under chair legs or furniture feet. You should avoid getting sand or stones on the floor at any time. This can be done by placing a mat next to the door or creating an area where people can wipe their shoes clean. Compared with wooden parquet or carpet, laminate flooring is very wear-resistant with pets. No worn-through effect will occur.

Fade Resistance
Laminate floors are UV ray resistant and will not fade even after years of exposure to direct sunlight. This ensures that the laminate floor you install today will look the same years down the road.

Chemical Resistance
Classic collection laminate flooring is also resistant to penetration by most household chemicals and organic solvents (acetone, red wine, coffee, tea, markers, etc.). What may appear to be obstinate stains such as marker, lipstick or nail varnish can be removed with a little acetone.

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