Wood floor burns first aid measures
- Jun 22, 2018 -

A: 502 glue repair floor

First scoop the scorched wooden floor with a knife, but do not scoop the hole too smooth. Next, the hole is filled with wood chips. During the filling process, the wood chips must be pressed tightly, and then some “502 glue” is poured on the wood chips. When it falls, the movement should be gentle, because it takes time for the glue to penetrate the sawdust. About ten minutes or so, the glue was almost dry, and it was polished with a knife. After smoothing, apply a layer of paint similar to the color of the wooden floor. The last step is to wait until the paint is dry and apply a layer of wax on it. The wooden floor can be returned to the previous state.

II: White cement repair wooden floor

Repair the wooden floor with white cement. The steps were to neutralize some water in white cement and then spread it on the scorched floor. After three or four hours, the cement was smoothed out with gauze and painted with a paint similar to the color of the wooden floor.


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