The difference between the SPC and TPC flooring
- Nov 21, 2018 -

The difference between the SPC and TPC flooring


1.Wear resistant

The difference between PVC and TPC is the material of the wear layer. The TPC flooring use the aluminium oxide as the wear layer. According to Mohs hardness scale, the diamond is the hardest substance in nature.Aluminium oxide also known as diamond, which is the second hardest substance found in the nature.To a large extent, increase the wear resistance of the floor.

Besides,it can be used as high temperature refractory material. Also can be used for commercial or home decorating, do not worry about the problem of cigarette butts.


2. Extend service life

Compared with the SPC, the TPC added equilibrium layer on the backing, it could be guaranteed that will be no deformation, bending, stretching and other issues in the service life. And more beautiful appearance and high-grade.


3. Greener and healthier

The TPC select solid wood veneer as the pattern, looking and feeling more like solid wood flooring. Used virgin material,free from heavy metals,formaldehyde and other harmful substances.


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