Talk about some considerations of floor acceptance
- Jun 22, 2018 -

We must also pay attention to the gap between the floors. After the workers lay the floor, we also need to check the corners of the room, whether the floor is raised, whether the floor is laid flat, and whether the gap between floors is uniform. In addition, we can barefoot on the floor to see if there is a large depression. If there is a depression in a certain place, it means that the keel beneath the floor is not laid.

Each door of our room can be said to be a joint of the floor. After the laying is completed, we should check this place to see whether the gaps between the buckles are even. Generally, the gap between the bars is three centimeters. About the best. And we should also check if the buckle is securely installed.

Be sure to tell the decoration master before laying, the floor keel must do a good pest control. If you do not do a good job of pest control, some locusts may be bred later, which will affect the life of the floor. In general, the surface of the floor has a certain degree of wear resistance, we must carefully check the floor surface to prevent scratches, if there are scratches, it must be promptly to replace the decoration master.


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