Reinforcement composite flooring quality identification eight points
- Jun 22, 2018 -

The laminate flooring consists of a wear-resistant layer, a decorative layer, a base layer, and a balance layer. The advantages of its non-cracking deformation, convenient installation, simple maintenance, and moderate price are well received by people. However, nowadays there are often mixed phenomena in the market, so there are often poor quality, non-environmentally friendly laminate floorings.

One: draw

If you can barely see scratches, it means that the degree of scratch resistance is relatively good; if you can see more obvious scratches or see the floor, it shows that the degree of wear of the floor can not reach the standard.

II: Saw

The corners of the floor after the abrasion resistance test can be sawn off, and the sawing is more laborious, indicating that the base material has a higher density, and it is easier to saw that the density is not enough.

Three: smell

The high-quality floor uses sandpaper to lightly polish the edge of the floor, and it smells a strong natural essence. The inferior scent of the low-quality composite floor is not obvious, and some even contain harmful chemical components, emitting a pungent odor.

Four: Look

The surface of the high-quality reinforced composite floor is smooth, the color is gorgeous and natural, and the varieties and specifications are complete. The anti-moisture balance layer is thick, and there is a moisture-resistant factor.

Five: 掂

The base material used for general high-quality laminate flooring is natural wood, which is broken and then processed by high-temperature, high-pressure and other methods to reconstruct the fiber, which is relatively heavy.

Six: Amount

The thickness measurement data of high-quality laminate flooring is not different from the data marked on the outer packaging, while the inferior laminate flooring generally has an error of 0.5 to 1 mm.

Seven: touch

The quality of the reinforced laminate flooring is the same in size and thickness. The two floors are seamless at the joints and the joints are very smooth. The inferior composite floor is of different sizes and there are obvious gaps between the two floor joints.


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