Is it normal to have chromatic aberration and scarring on the wooden floor?
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Many people will have many problems on the paved floor. For example, the color difference between the two floors is very large, and there are too many wooden knots on the floor.

Some people may feel that the color difference of the wooden floor affects its beauty, and some people may think that such natural simplicity is more comfortable.

This is not the case, because when the trees grow, because of the difference in the light of the sun and the difference in leaves, the two trees of the same species that grow in the same environment will produce different colors and textures, which will produce so-called Chromatic aberration.

Chromatic aberration generally means that after paving the ground of a house, it looks like the colors and textures of many floors are not the same and they are very different.

The scab on the floor is because the surface of the tree is damaged by bugs, birds, beasts, etc., so that the phloem is destroyed, and the phloem is responsible for the transmission work. After the damage, the organic substances in the trees will be Damage accumulates, and over time, it will form a tumor-like scab and the trees that grow naturally in large forests will have a series of blows such as long-term wind and rain, but as long as the tree does not die, the place where it was injured becomes The strongest place in the tree, so the tree's scarring is naturally formed during many years of growth.

The color difference and knots on the wooden floor are all formed by natural growth. The color difference makes the wooden floor have no stereotyped rules and gives us a colorful world. The knots on the wooden floor just testify the nature of the trees. Become an integral part of the tree.

For the wooden knots that exist in the floor, some people like to add it. They think that the natural originality is more attractive; some people find it difficult to accept that the perfect furniture should not be frugal.

However, few people really know what wood knots are and what frugality does not affect their use and what needs to be avoided.

Since nature has endowed us with a gift of “greenness and environmental protection”, we should cherish the recognition of original ecological products, and embrace the ancient past, which is a matter of regret, and even aestheticism and thrift.

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