Floor color knowledge
- Jun 22, 2018 -

1, according to the lighting conditions to choose the floor color, lighting is not enough room, the main floor color is mainly high brightness; well-lit room, the floor color can be freely chosen.

2, according to the choice of color visual effects, color will affect people's visual effects, warm colors for the expansion of color, cool color for the contraction color. Therefore, the floor of the room with a small area needs to select the cool color of the dark colors, giving people the feeling of expanding the area. On the contrary, rooms with large areas can choose warm colors.

3, light-colored furniture can be any combination of light and dark floor, but dark furniture and dark floor with special care must be taken to avoid the "black" scene of depression.

4, floor and wall occupy the largest area of the room color, the mix between them can not be ignored!


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