Five taboos for laying solid wood flooring
- Jun 22, 2018 -

What problems should be paid attention to in the laying of solid wood flooring, how to use solid wood flooring will be more reliable? Xiao Bian gives you a few moves to help you solve the installation of high-grade solid wood flooring.

According to statistics from related departments, there are problems in actual use of solid wood flooring, and over 50% is due to laying

Improperly, only 5% belong to the floor itself.

It can be seen that whether the laying process is reasonable or not is the most important factor that affects the effectiveness of the floor.

Relevant experts reminded owners that they should avoid the following mistaken laying methods.

The ground is not leveled: the unevenness of the ground will cause some of the floor and keel to float, and sound will be heard when stepping on.

The keel is not moisture-proof: the moisture content of undried wood keel is usually around 25%, while the qualified wood is

The moisture content of the board is generally 12%, and the humidity difference is too large to quickly absorb moisture on the wooden floor, causing the floor to arch and the paint surface to burst.

Too loose or too tight: As the temperature and humidity of the environment change, the wood floor will expand or shrink.

Therefore, when laying floors, wood should be properly arranged according to the temperature and humidity of the environment in the place of use.

Assembled tightness of the board. If it is too loose, there will be a large gap in the floor contraction, too tight, floorIt will arch when it expands.


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