Fatal knowledge of the floor
- Jun 22, 2018 -

First, rain: Wooden flooring is essentially water-repellent. If it rains, the appearance of the floor will be discolored and cracked. Pay attention to avoid rain.

Second, daylight: After direct sunlight, ultraviolet rays will crack the surface paint on the exterior. Window cloth or blinds should be used to block and avoid direct sunlight.

Third, oil pollution: If the oil is not treated in time after the floor has been soiled, the appearance of oil pollution and discoloration will occur. Use cleaners, benevolent water, etc. Carefully scrub and then wax.

Fourth, the chair: In order to minimize the depression and scratches, long-term adherence to the beautiful floor, claiming that the chair feet put on the mat or under the chair on the mat.

Fifth, heavy objects: Under the weight of the piano, refrigerator, etc. to support the pad to maintain, to avoid part of the load-bearing is too large and cause the floor to fall and scratch.

Sixth, accumulation of water: after the surface of the surface water accumulation, if not treated in time, will cause the floor to change color, attack water spots and cracks and other appearances. Should be scrubbed and kept dry.

Seventh, electric fan heaters: If the floor part is blown to the hot air for a long time, the outer coating will attack the appearance of cracks and the floor will shorten the attack gap. The floor should be covered with mats for maintenance.

Eighth, air conditioners, humidifiers: long-term use of air conditioning, indoor air will become abnormally dry, the floor is prone to elasticity, resulting in floor attack and announced the movement.

Ninth, floor wax: to choose the right floor wax. Before waxing, you must first wax in the room or other unobtrusive areas, try a small area of the floor, admit that there is no problem and start waxing.

Tenth, detergent: certainly not using alkaline cleaners. The ingredients in the wood react chemically with alkaline substances, causing floor stains or attack marks. Wipe with a wrung cloth after applying the cleaner.

Page 11 Pets: Excreta from pets can cause alkaline corrosion of the wood, discoloration of the floor and seizures.

Page 12 Pharmacy: If the floor is covered with chemicals, it should be cleaned with detergent/informed water. After scrubbing, the gloss of the exterior surface of the floor will drop, and it should be waxed and cured in time.

13th page, ventilation: just decorated the house, will be announced from the decoration materials and furniture in the form of formaldehyde, affect the eyes or odor, pay attention to ventilation, attention should be paid to the condensation of water droplets do not drop to the floor on.


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