Environmental wood floor judgment method
- Jun 22, 2018 -

1, see packaging, see the certificate. General regular manufacturers, whether it is pure imported or domestically produced, will use Chinese or Chinese and English textual signs in packaging. In order to maintain their reputation, regular manufacturers generally use environmentally-friendly raw materials that comply with national regulations. The behavior of small factories is difficult to guarantee.

2. Ask industry insiders to consult with relatives and friends who are knowledgeable before buying. Ask them to recommend it, and ask questions about technical instructions and how to use it. Or go to the building materials market to run businesses, shop around, do not buy cheap products for cheap, then regret it too late.

3, if you want to buy a satisfactory floor, their common sense of the floor must understand. In addition to well-known indicators such as formaldehyde emission, abrasion resistance, etc., there are many key indicators such as water swelling rate, static bending strength, and dimensional stability, which also affect the performance of the floor.


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