Benefits of Click and Lock spc Vinyl Flooring
- Dec 16, 2018 -

Benefits of Click and Lock Vinyl Flooring

The Click and Lock SPC Vinyl Flooring (also known as Vinyl Click Flooring) utilizes a glueless installation method that is now commonly used to install Vinyl Flooring. Not only it is a safer flooring option as no adhesive that emit harmful fume is used, it is also fast to installed. The Click n Lock Vinyl Flooring, comes in planks form (also known as Vinyl Click Plank Flooring) are available in various beautiful realistic wood designs. From modern contemporary to traditional style, our Click and Lock Vinyl Flooring which is safe and 100% waterproof, will sure to complement the interior of your home or businesses.

1. Fast and Easy Installation

What makes Click and Lock Vinyl flooring so fabulous is that the planks are made to interlock without the need for adhesive. The Vinyl Planks grip to the floor through the inertial force of the other planks. The installation time is reduced by as much as 50% than its traditional vinyl counterpart which requires adhesive for installation. Unlike many other types of flooring on the market, Click and Lock Vinyl Flooring can be installed directly over your existing subfloor with minimal preparation, and can even be fitted over wooden, concrete and existing vinyl flooring without damaging it.

2. Glueless and Eco-Friendly

No Glue and adhesive is required for the installation hence you and your family would not be exposed to the harmful fumes of adhesive. Our Vinyl flooring is eco-friendly, so you can do your part for the environment and at the same time ensuring a safe living condition for your home or business.

Benefits of Click and Lock Vinyl Flooring 

3. Truly Waterproof

As no glue is used during the installation process, Click and Lock Vinyl Flooring is 100% waterproof unlike other types of vinyl flooring that required glue during fitting. The glue that is used in these type of vinyl floor will gradually be dissolved over time by the seepage of moisture through the vinyl floor. Hence, vinyl floor that used adhesive will be prone to warping and water damages.

Benefits of Click and Lock Vinyl Flooring

4. Suitable for Residential and Commercial Use

Our vinyl click plank flooring is ideal for residential spaces such as kitchen, living rooms and bedrooms. With fast and easy installation method with no waiting time for the floor to set, home owners can move into their new homes sooner.

It’s also perfect for commercial and industrial applications such as hospitals, hotels, offices, warehouses and retail stores. Businesses want to shortened the time of renovation so that operation can be resumed as soon as possible to reduce loss of revenue. Hence, our Click and Lock Vinyl flooring has the advantage of allowing businesses to save valuable time and hassle.Benefits of Click and Lock Vinyl Flooring


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